God has given us in His Word a beautiful picture of what His steadfast love is like. He wants to speak His love to our hearts, individually, tenderly. He wants you to take time to hear His words of love and to let them dawn on you undimmed, that you may very soon be satisfied…and be glad all your days.

Dear Lord, I thank You that I am Yours, that You know me through and through, and that it’s no accident You’ve led me to this book.

Father, I’ve tasted Your love, and I long to experience more deeply how You really feel about me. I long to know in my daily life the intense reality and great wonder of Your boundless love, which You so freely bestow on those who seek You.

Help me turn away from my misconceptions of Your love and from being casual or indifferent toward You. Help me to turn from hectic, frantic activity that often makes even my time with You so hurried. I ask that through Your Word You will speak to me of Your perfect love in powerful, life-changing ways.

I pray in Jesus’ name…

God’s words of love for me today:

Psalms 86:15; 90:14; 100:5; 118:1; 1 John 4:16

In the space below, write out the verse or phrase from these passages that helps you most. You can follow this same encouraging step for all thirty-one days.



Excerpted from Thirty-One Days of Drawing Near to God by Ruth Myers Copyright © 2011 by Ruth Myers. Excerpted by permission of Multnomah Books, a division of Random House, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced without permission in writing from the publisher.