One of my favorite verses in the Bible is found in 2 Chronicles 7:3, "And all the sons of Israel, seeing the fire come down and the glory of the Lord upon the house, bowed down on the pavement with their faces to the ground, and they worshiped and gave praise to the Lord, saying, ‘Truly He is good, truly His lovingkindness is everlasting.'" Did you catch that? It says, "truly!" Truly, He is good, and truly, He loves me! 

When I blow it and the devil moves in on me to tell me God does not love me anymore because of a sin I committed, I remind myself of "truly." When life is falling apart and I feel forsaken of God, I remind myself of "truly." The fact of "truly" trumps all my negative feelings and all the devil's lies. 

It is a rock-solid truth that God is good and that He loves you and He loves me. Over and over and over again, the Lord speaks of His lovingkindness (His loyal, faithful, and unfathomable love) toward us. If there is anything we should know from reading the Bible, it is this main truth. The bloody cross of Jesus Christ screams out these life-changing words, "I love you!" Even though you and I are sinners and have done terrible, horrible things, God still loves us and wants to work mightily in our lives. 

The Sooner, The Better

The sooner you believe and receive God's great love for you, the better you will be. What happens to a person who truly believes and receives God's great love? 

That person feels a tremendous sense of acceptance and peace. 

That person will be free to love the Lord back. 

That person will be free to love other people (see Romans 5:5).  

That person will be able to face life with joy and a song in his or her heart. 

That person will see difficult circumstances as an opportunity for Jesus to shine.  

My Confession

For me, I have to continually remind myself of the truth of God's love, because I can easily see all my shortcomings and conclude that there is no way He could love me. I can easily start focusing on all the negative circumstances in my life and conclude that all these difficulties are arising because He does not love me. Those are lies from hell! 

As I write this, I am making a fresh declaration this day. I invite you to join me in it: 

I am tremendously blessed and favored because the One who matters the most, God, thinks the world of me. He truly loves me … and nothing can ever change that (see Romans 8:38-39). He has purchased me with His own blood, and He has a special and wonderful plan for me. I choose to believe and receive His love and reject the devil's lies. I will rejoice and be glad this day because He loves me, He is good, and He never fails to work all things together for good in my life. 

Remember, my friend, your number-one job as His child is to keep yourself in His love … and love Him back with all that you are. If you do this each day, you will be led by His Spirit, and your life will be a great success in His eyes.