It is clear that these were two people with a country and a people on their hearts.   They wanted to serve from pure motivations and sincere humility.   It’s no wonder the Taliban didn’t like them.   The Christian kindness, friendship, and hope they extended to those around them was much more powerful than the Taliban could ever hope to be.


Sharing Their Story


The story of Mercer and Curry’s experience in Afghanistan, from their ministry to their imprisonment and release as well as their testimonies, are written in the co-authored June 11-released Prisoners of Hope: The Story of Our Captivity and Freedom in Afghanistan (Waterbrook/Doubleday).   An accompanying live worship album, Prisoners of Hope: Songs of Freedom (M2.0), released this month and is composed of songs Curry and Mercer sang while working and imprisoned in Afghanistan, with some original cuts penned by Curry and another aid worker.


Curry, who had previously served as a worship leader for the Afghani aid workers, says she was encouraged by a fellow Australian missionary to write songs from the experiences and Scriptures God had given them.   “My Times Are in Your Hands” comes from Psalm 31, she explains, when David’s enemies are coming against him.   “We had prayed that [verse] in several of our prayer meetings,” Curry says.   “It was at that point that everything had fallen apart:   our case was dropped, our lawyer couldn’t come in, we didn’t have communication with the outside and basically, we were hostages because we weren’t on trial any more.”


“I have lost most everything/All my plans have fallen through/The future is unclear; I’m not sure what to do…/  Lord I trust in You and I say You are my God/And I say once again to You/My time is in Your hands.”