The one key element overarching all these suggestions is your commitment as a parent. Comedian Bill Cosby in his book "Fatherhood" said, "I've chosen to be involved in the raising of my children."

As parents, we must make a commitment to be actively involved in the lives of our children. And the more involved we become, the more time we must sacrifice, just remember that parenting will always cost you something, whether you pay now or pay later. The difference is that if you wait until later, it's always more costly.

Taken from: "Halloween: What's a Christian To Do" by Steve Russo.  © 1998 by Steve Russo. Published by  Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon. Used by permission.

Steve Russo is an internationally known communicator, bestselling author, featured speaker of the TV program 24/SEVEN and host of the nationally syndicated radio show Real Answers. Steve is also the cohost for Focus on the Family’s teen talk radio show, Life on the Edge Live!