“So whaddya think of the blasphemy in them?”

“I don’t like it. I hate it.”

“Do you stay in the movie?”

“Eh, it depends on the story line.” It’s what they say. So okay, here’s a question for you: would you go to a movie that used your mother’s name as a cussword? And they go, “Never!” Well, would you go to a movie that used God’s name as a cussword, and they go, “Whoa. I never thought of it like that.”

And what we’ve got . . . in 2005, the box office take in the U.S. was $8 billion. Just under $7 billion came from churchgoing people in America. So who’s supporting these blasphemous movies that don’t blaspheme Mohammed? They don’t go near Mohammed. But continually they blaspheme the name of God, and of Jesus, and it’s a hard thing to say, but they say things like, “Jesus [expletive] Christ” throughout the movie.

Why?! What has that go to do with it? Why use someone’s name to express disgust? Why don’t they say “Mohammed?” Why don’t they say, “Buddha?” Why don’t they say, “George Bush?” Why use the name of Jesus?

It’s offensive to Christians. I can’t do anything about their adultery. People love it. Can’t do anything about their violence. But I can do something about their blasphemy. And here’s what I can do. . . .

We’ve started a website called HollywoodandGod.com, where Christians can go in, and they can find out which movies have just come out that use blasphemy. And in that website it’s got the e-mail address of the producers of that movie. So you can e-mail whatever production company has produced it and say, “You have used blasphemy in this movie; you’re not getting my money at the box office.”

Now, we’ve got incredible power as Christians. We showed the power to speak to Hollywood with The Passion of the Christ, over $700 million. There’s 177 million professing Christians in the United States. If even a percentage of those were prepared to say, “Okay. They cannot blaspheme the name of the God I profess to love, I will not support,” and later say: “Here’s an e-mail! We’re not goin’!”. . . they get enough e-mails, we’re talking millions and millions of dollars—that will speak to Hollywood. It will hit them where it hurts in the box office. So I think that’s how we can do it.

Now what’s wrong with a little blasphemy? It’s what comes with it. If your favorite movie star says, “I like driving this sort of car, I like wearing this sort of clothes, I eat this sort of food . . .” millions of fans follow them. Whatever they like, people tend to like. How they talk, we tend to talk. Why is there so much blasphemy? Why did 900 atheists go on YouTube earlier this year and blaspheme the name of God? Why did they do that? Whey didn’t they say “Mohammed?” Why didn’t they say “Buddha?” Why Christianity? It’s because Hollywood has an agenda. It’s made up of a nucleus of people whose life’s philosophy is anti-Christian.

Why? I think I know why. I think Hollywood attracts a certain type of people. Usually good-looking, intelligent people with large egos—they’re not the type of people who gravitate toward the humility of Christianity. And so we’ve got an “unreal” nucleus of people in this place we call Hollywood who’ve got an anti-Christian, anti-God philosophy, and it’s reflected in the industry. When Christians are portrayed in movies and on television, they’re almost always portrayed with a negative slant. And that’s what I bring up in the book again and again—that some idiot who’s lustful and hypocritical and uses bad language as he talks about God portrays Christians [poorly]. And mainstream America isn’t like that. Eighty-seven percent want “Under God” kept in the Pledge of Allegiance. So Hollywood’s got this thing they’re pushing and it’s turning a whole generation—or generations—against the God of Christianity. That gets up my nose big time, because I live to turn them to the God of Christianity.