We want to give away hundreds of copies of the DVD [Hollywood and God], we want pastors to screen it in their assemblies—I screened one in Chicago recently. Didn’t hardly have to say a word. I just stood up afterwards and said, “If you’re watching blasphemous movies, you need to repent and say, ‘God, I’m sorry.’” They just streamed forward. No music, no nothing – they just came forward and knelt. I think it can purify the Church, because it’s hypocrisy when you sit and listen to someone cuss the name of God, who you profess to love, because God has highly exalted the name of Jesus and given Him a name that’s above every name.

So when you say in the book that we have one rock with which to slay this giant, it’s that e-mail, and letting the studios know that you’re not going to tolerate blasphemy anymore?
Mmm-hmm. Just say, “We’re done with it. Hollywood, we’re gonna hit you in the dollars.” And that’s Hollywood’s language. If they knew that millions of dollars are not going to come in just because they use blasphemy, then they’ll stop using blasphemy. Every time we go to a movie and pay money, we’re saying, “Hollywood, bring it on. We like what you’re doing. We’re paying you to do this.”

So, I’m not saying boycott movies, I’m just saying, stop them doing this. This is turning a generation against Christ, and that should be grievous to every Christian. Especially when we’ve got Islam. If they should be angry at anything it should be Islam.

You would think.
Yeah, go to the Red Cross . . . the Salvation Army, soup kitchens worldwide, hospitals named St. Jude’s, St. John’s, St. Peter’s . . . they’re there because of Christianity. We’re here of benefit, we love our enemies, do good to those who . . . we don’t go around cutting people’s heads off or bombing buildings or any of that. So why do they hate Christianity? Why are they hating Christians? Because of Hollywood’s agenda. And they won’t do it—Mohammed isn’t written into any of those movies, he’s not in the script, they wouldn’t use his name, and why? They’re scared to do it. But they’re not scared to do it to Christianity.

Do you think it feeds the negative image that Hollywood and the culture may have of Christianity—the hypocrisy that we would be okay with going to movies where God is blasphemed?
[Laughs]. Absolutely I think it does. It confirms what they’re portraying us as, you know? They portray us as hypocrites, then we watch movies that use God’s name as a cussword, and we’re consuming what they believe and we shouldn’t be like that. We’re a generation that’s drawing near to God with our lips but our hearts are far from it. We’re proving that in what we’re entertained by.

What do you think it is that Hollywood doesn’t want us to know?
I would say their agenda . . . well, I mean . . . most people know that Hollywood is anti-Christian. But they don’t realize the negative repercussion that’s upon this nation. I mean, if we want God to bless our land, if we want God to give us blessing back on fruit of the womb, if we want God to bless our weather so we’re not having hurricanes lined up to where we run out of names to give them, or tornadoes that run around six or seven states . . . I mean, God’s in charge of the weather. One part of the country’s in drought, the other part people are drowning with so much water . . . I saw yesterday where thunderstorms are sending water but the water’s dissipating before it hits the ground . . . and a lot of the fires that are started are started by electricity and we know who’s in charge of the electricity department—it’s the lightning strikes that are starting fires . . . and cancer is just spreading on the land, it’s a plague, and if we want God’s blessing upon the land we’ve got to come to Him with a sincere heart and humility and ask Him to heal our land. And since judgment begins in the household of God, we’ve got to clean up our own house first.