So you’re calling for repentance. You’re also exposing idolatry (referring to Hollywood as “idol makers” in your book). But beyond not carving graven images, is idolatry a sin many postmodern folks are familiar with, or even know they are committing anymore? Can you define idolatry biblically for us, and tell us how Hollywood is going about making idols?
Idolatry is Exodus 20:1-7. And you don’t have to create a “graven image” to be bowing down to an idol. You just have to create an image in your mind, which is what I did before I was a Christian. I created a god to suit myself, a god I felt comfortable with, one I could snuggle up to, one that didn’t have a moral dictate. And that’s the image that Hollywood portrays of God. Very rarely do you hear the name of Jesus used in truth in a modern movie. You hear “hell” and “damn” and “Jesus” used all over the place, and blasphemy or profanity, but you won’t hear a prayer end in Jesus’ name. And they won’t portray an image of God that’s biblical, a God of righteousness, justice, truth. They’ll portray a god who’s a god of love, and mercy, and grace, and he just forgives everybody and he’s like an old man in the sky wearing a sweater, and he gives gifts to those he’s pleased to. But God’s nothing like Hollywood portrays Him; He’s a God to be feared, and that’s what we’ve got to realize—we’ve got to stand before a holy God who is to be feared, and the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Until the Church understands that, it won’t fear God, but will have this image of God that they can have within their minds and hold on to their sin at the same time, which shouldn’t be.

Is there anything else about or Hollywood Be Thy Name that you want our readers to know?
I think I covered everything! Oh, another little thing confirming the fact that Hollywood is out of step with mainstream America—in the book, on page 15 [is the story of when] Jim Carrey went to Hollywood for the first time, and he was reading The Late Great Planet Earth in his hotel. And he wanted to check a Bible verse so he pulled open the drawer and there was no Gideon Bible. So he called the desk and said, “There’s no Bible here.” And the guy says, “Sonny, you won’t find a Bible in the whole of Hollywood.”

It really epitomizes the unreal nature of that little town that they’re such an influence on this world.