Where are some of the other places we are vulnerable?  If we're to be targeted, keep in mind that the professional terrorist or criminal works to determine the routine of their victim.  Many of our problems start when we're performing our daily routines, shopping at the market or mall, for instance, unaware of what and who is around us.  So many of the cases I have worked started with a person who was followed home from the store, totally unaware they were being followed.  Maybe they wore too much jewelry or flashed too much cash, setting themselves up as victims.  Most people, when they go to their cars after shopping, are totally distracted by putting bags in the car and focused on getting home.  They never look around to see who might be watching or whether they've left with two street thugs following.  So my message is, "Be alert!"  Check what is going on around you and never drive home if you think you are being followed.  Drive to the nearest police station, fire station, or any place where there are people.

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Excerpted from "Counter-Terrorism Handbook:  How to Protect Yourself at Home and Abroad" by Phil Little with Albert Perrotta.  Copyright © 2004, Phil Little.  ISBN 0-8054-4025-9.  Published by Broadman & Holman Publishers.  Used by permission.  Unauthorized duplication prohibited.

After serving in the U.S. Air Force, Phil Little entered law enforcement and developed an interest in the criminal justice field, which led him to specialize in intelligence and counter-terrorism.  He was a sought-after speaker for government and private sector crime and terrorism prevention events.  He has appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox networks, as well as many cable shows.  He was the host of "Crime Line," a radio talk show in Los Angeles, and a cable television show, "Security Watch."  To share information on world terrorism, he often visited the White House during the eighties and nineties.  His agency, West Coast Detective Group International, established in 1922, is a recognized leader in the corporate security field and has been instrumental in the development of threat management for high profile media personalities.  You can contact the author at plittle@wcdetective.com.