Your latest novel is called Doesn’t She Look Natural? Tell us about it.
Jennifer Graham has this job on Capital Hill and can’t continue to work there. She moves when she inherits a funeral home … and she has the typical response, which is, ‘Ick!’ But  as she goes down there to fix up the house, the caretaker asks to put the home back in operation to get rid of all those caskets.  As she begins to watch the operation of the business, she realizes what a ministry it is. She decides to stay and run funeral home.  This is the first in a three-book series.

Even having written 100-plus books, you continue to hone your craft. Is there still something for you to learn at this point?
Every book is an offering to the Lord. I probably could write a book on autopilot these days, but I don’t think it would be fulfilling to me or honoring to the Lord. I try every year to go to at least one writer’s conference where I’m the student, where I sit and learn new techniques and push myself to go deeper. That’s the joy of this job. Every book is like climbing the mountain all over the again. Some things get easier, but there are always new slopes and new challenges.

In your “spare” time, you decided to pursue online graduate studies. What led you down this path?
I don’t plan to teach theology, but it’s very useful in my writing. For me, writing is about me learning. I wanted to tackle new things and explore areas I am beginning to think about. I got three book ideas out of my Master of Biblical Studies in Theology and I’m sure I’ll get some more out of the doctorate of Biblical Studies I plan to pursue next.

How does it feel to have The Note adapted into a movie?
I’m really excited. Several of my books have been optioned. Getting them optioned is easy. Getting them made has been the challenge. I’m thinking about having my book club read The Note, because we have never read one of my books, and asking them for a premiere party.

You’ve written dozens of books and your book club hasn’t read any?
They’ve offered. But in a book club you’re supposed to be free to say what you don’t like. Me being there would stifle their opinions, because they’re nice ladies.

What has been the most rewarding part of your career thus far?
Hearing from readers that a certain book changed their lives or opened their eyes to something God was doing or to some character quality of God that they hadn’t considered before. That’s when I know it has hit home.

Stacy Hawkins Adams is a freelance writer and Christian fiction author whose third book, Watercolored Pearls, was released in October.