Steven: I think there’s a part of all of us that imagines ourselves as being “Bonos.” If we play Christian music and think, “Man, here’s a guy who has communicated great truth; but he’s also been a really cool rock star and has developed this platform on which he can speak.” Sometimes there’s this struggle of [wondering] if [what you’re doing is] second rate. I think the kind of ministry that’s accomplished when you write a book like "What’s So Amazing About Grace" or "Disappointment With God" – and reach beyond anybody who would probably ever pick up a Phillip Yancey book – is that those people will grapple with their faith and wrestle with the disappointment of where they’re living right now. All of the sudden there will be a revelation of, “Wow, this is what God is trying to say to me through all of this. Now I can be a more believable Christian because this is real now.”

I make music, and you write books for Christians. But if we can somehow pour His truth into the lives of others, they are going to go live a more authentic, real Christian life. And that’s evangelism; that’s the Great Commission being carried out. We can never underestimate the impact of that as well as those opportunities we have to speak to the culture at large.

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