Looking toward the future, you and your wife just had your fourth child at an “older age in life.”  Could this perhaps provide fodder for your next book?

Well, it just depends.  I do have a book in mind at some point of what it means to come to Christ as a child, as opposed to what we as adults have redefined what it means to come to Christ as a child.  But I’m going a complete different direction with my next book if my publisher will have it. 

Any final thoughts regarding Christianish and why people should give it a try and ditch the ish?

I certainly hope those who’ve read the first two books will realize it’s the same comic sensibilities and intentional message like the first two.  But those who haven’t given my works a try before, I hope that this will be the most accessible place to start.  And hopefully it’ll get you thinking. 

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To read an excerpt from Chapter One, "Scandalous," click here.

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