CW: Another quote that I loved from your book was on page 174 where you say that we don't have a healthcare problem, in so much as we have a health problem. And you've acknowledged that changing this culture could take more time than a president would have in even two terms of office. So who will lead the way, and could that even be a responsibility of Christianity or the Church?

MH: Oh, I think it would be great if the Church would take a very leading role in encouraging people toward healthy behavior. And there's two reasons. One is because it's a matter of good stewardship of the body, but secondly, as a spiritual person, I recognize that my body doesn't belong to me. It's not mine to do with what I want. I have no right to abuse it. I have no right to overfeed it or under-exercise it, or to pump smoke in that was never intended to be in my lungs. My life is not my own, it's been bought with a price. It's wholly on subsidiary once Jesus Christ became the Lord of my life. And I don't have a right to say, well, I can throw caution to the wind and live any way I want, do whatever I want to my body. I really don't have that right, and it's a sin against God for me to think I do.

CW: Governor, one final question: in looking at your website this morning I noticed a link to the Vertical Politics Institute. Can you tell us a little about that?

MH: We just established a foundation called The Vertical Politics Institute. The purpose is to develop good, solid public policy and try to put it into the hands of state and even national leglislators to get passed. What we want to do is put some of the finest and sharpest minds in the country together to write critical papers on the ways that we can improve our culture and society. We'll try to be involved and active in being a spokesperson for just causes wherever they are. And it's another opportunity to keep the motivation of the message behind this.

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