“Many parents – even Christian parents – will raise their children to gain worldly success,” Ross said, “but in the process their children are forfeiting their souls. There must be a healthy balance so that children can see their God-given gifts in light of their important role in the Kingdom of God.”

"Parenting with Kingdom Purpose"’s nine chapters span such topics as “Who Children and Teenagers Think God Is”; “Introducing Children and Teenagers to God”; “The Adults Children and Teenagers Need”; “Impacting Children and Teenagers at Home”; “Impacting Children and Teenagers at Church”; and “Releasing Children and Teenagers to the Kingdom.”

Among the practical Christian parenting tips Hemphill and Ross offer throughout the book are the necessity of parenting with grace, offering warm and unfailing love after discipline, spending quality time with children, talking about the Bible and the vital importance of constantly praying for your children. Praying for the salvation of children, the authors note, is the “highest privilege and gravest responsibility of a parent.”

"Parenting with Kingdom Purpose" also touches on the subject of instilling in children the mindset that they are a missionary of God in whatever activity or vocation they choose. Most importantly, Hemphill and Ross remind parents that, “It is never too early to begin parenting with Kingdom purpose. Nor is it ever too late.”

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