A:  This book was written to inspire those who have suffered, those who have known the pain of a broken heart. It is the victory cry of real individuals to all who read this book to triumph over their pain and rise toward hope.

Q:  How is the ranch doing? Are you growing?

A:  The ranch is certainly a dynamic presence. Because we only have nine acres, we are bursting at the seams with 25 horses. The last three seasons have brought between four and five thousand visitors to the ranch. Because more children are coming on a daily basis than can ride, we are creating new programs that don’t involve horses so that kids can come any time and still have a wonderful experience. We are seeing a large shift toward kids just wanting to spend time in a place where they know that they are safe and loved.

Q:  You have many stories of children’s lives being changed through the ministry of the ranch. What about you? Have the children taught you anything about faith?

A:  If there is any good in me, it is because of the Lord and the children that I am surrounded by. I know that I am the most blessed woman on earth because of the privilege of spending time with these precious lambs. I cry behind my sunglasses all the time. I can’t imagine how barren my life would be without the incredible blessings these kids bring to my heart.

Q:  What is the final thought you would like to leave with our readers?

A:  It is my deepest prayer that everyone who reads "Hope Rising" will know how important they are, how special they are — how deeply they are loved by the Lord and by those around them. Each reader is a remarkable gift, full of gifts that they in turn can give. They are unique and priceless on this earth. Their life and their actions make a difference to those around them.

Someone more wise than I said, “You might be just one person in this world, but to one person you just might be the world.”

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