Another group more than happy to take our country from us:  the purveyors of what Laura calls “our pornified culture.” From foul-mouthed rappers and sleazy fashions to sex-obsessed TV shows and porn-star authors, we’ve become awash in filth ever since the “sexual revolution” steamrolled the values that helped make this country great. But as Laura reminds us, the tough job of protecting our kids isn’t impossible. As parents, we must take an active role in ensuring that they’re grounded in faith and educated in the classics of Western Civilization. And forget about being uncool, she says: Stand up and make it clear that your home is no place for unfiltered TV viewing and Internet surfing.

Laura covers other topics in Power to the People, but you probably get the idea:  She informs, takes fearless stances on the issues that really matter and inspires the reader to action. As Laura says:

“Let’s get to work. Time is of the essence. We are up to the task, and we will be stronger for having fought the good fight. And if we remember what our Founding Fathers knew—that God is with us, and that with Him, everything is possible—we will never lose heart. We will prevail.”


Rebecca Hagelin, a vice president at The Heritage Foundation, is the author of Home Invasion: Protecting Your Family in a Culture That’s Gone Stark Raving Mad and runs the Web site