Having a Fruitful Life

Women fervently hope to lead fruitful lives, but too many women feel as if all the effort they’re putting out isn’t leading them anywhere useful or productive.  They can become depressed by the lack of appreciation they receive from others and the unrealistic expectations they set for themselves.  Prayer, Omartian says, will help women develop the trust they need to stop trying to bring about results themselves and start trusting God to bless their work.

“Having a fruitful life starts with surrendering your life to the Lord in such a way that you give Him everything--even your dreams,” she says.  “You tell the Lord that you only want His will for your life and you want to be led every step by Him.  You tell Him that you trust His perfect timing and you know He has a future and a hope for you.

“I sought the will of God for my life and waited on the Lord for everything I did, even when I wanted to see things happen immediately.  As a result, God has blessed me beyond what I could have imagined.  It wasn’t easy and it took a lot longer than I would have wanted, but if I would have run ahead of Him, I know I would not be experiencing the blessings I do today.  I would have forfeited so much.”

Women can flip through The Power of a Praying Woman’s 30 chapters to find specific topics that particularly concern them during this season of their lives--from how to forgive to discovering their unique purposes.  Each chapter concludes with a prayer readers can incorporate into their own prayer lives, and several Scripture verses that present God’s promises relating to each topic. 

Omartian says she hopes that every woman who reads the book will pray at least one of the book’s prayers every day.  “If she does, then she will keep her life covered and her foundation solid.  She will be able to have an intimate walk with God, maintain a right heart before Him, and discover fully who He made her to be.  She will have more of God in her life and that’s what every woman wants.”