The Mitten - by Jan Brett

Author/Illustrator Jan Brett has written many Christmas books featuring her elaborate artwork, but The Mitten is one that has truly found a place in reader's hearts. Despite the warning of his grandmother, a young boy named Nicki loses one of his white mittens in the snow. It is found by a tiny mole, which crawls inside to escape the winter cold, but soon finds himself sharing it with a rabbit, a hedgehog, a fox, an owl, and even a bear! It's a cute story, and great for reading late some frosty night.


The Little Match Girl - by Hans Christian Andersen

The story is as beautiful as it is tragic. Set in a cold, dark city on New Year's Eve, a poor girl tries to sell matches on the street. Hoping to escape the cold, she takes shelter in a small alley and lights matches to warm herself. For each match she lights she sees images of Christmas trees, holiday feasts, and finally her Grandmother, with whom she is reunited.


The Legend of the Candy Cane - by Lori Walburg

A pleasant story for anyone looking to get away from the hectic, holiday madness, the story begins one cold November when a stranger arrives in town and begins to repair the old storefront. The adults hope he is a handyman or a carpenter, but the children all carry the same, secret hope that they don't dare say aloud. Finally, a small girl offers her help and learns not only that their dream has come true, but also the true story of Christmas.


The Lump of Coal - by Lemony Snicket          

Feel like you're losing a bit of your holiday cheer? Lemony Snicket, author of A Series of Unfortunate Events, has just the thing to make you smile with this story of a small, flammable, hero. After being rudely dumped from a sack, a lump of coal sets out into the world hoping to one day make great charcoal artwork. (Or at least be used to create authentic Korean cuisine) The world is not a kind place for a lump of coal however, and he may need some help from "Santa" to see his dreams come true.


The Littlest Angel - by Charles Tazewell     

Despite being one of the oldest books on this list, the story has not dimmed with time. In Heaven, a young angel is finding it difficult to fit in. An elder takes pity on the poor boy and helps cheer him up by gathering a collection of his favorite things. When the time arrives for Christ to be born, the little angel gives his box of treasures to the baby, but soon fears his gifts are too common to please Jesus. Instead, God takes his simple gifts and transforms them into a Christmas miracle.

*This Review First Published 12/6/2010