Jim: I spend a lot of time at the Los Angeles Central Library, going through the microfilm of the two big newspapers, the Times and the Examiner. I read biographies and history. And sometimes I make stuff up.

Eva: I have to be honest with you, Jim. One question that ran through my mind over and over as I read A Greater Glory was this: How does masculine Jim--an attorney of the millennium--get into the mind of feminine Kit--an attorney from a hundred years ago?

Jim: The dress I wear while writing is a little tight, but helps tremendously. (Ahem.) A note of seriousness now. I have written four contemporary thrillers with female leads:
Circumstantial Evidence, Final Witness, The Nephilim Seed, and Deadlock. I get a lot of help from my wife, who is always the first to read my manuscripts. And I enjoy the challenge. It stretches the writing muscles.

Eva: Tell me about Kit's passion to expose "spiritualism," such as tarot card readers, etc.

: It comes from her commitment to Christianity. It is also true historically that L.A. was rife with phonies like this--palm readers, phrenologists, spiritualists, people peddling all manner of nostrums. It's not unlike the L.A. of today, is it? Only now these people make a lot more money.

Eva: I think your most powerful line is, "As I study Scriptures, it seems to me that the moment mankind turns its back on God, evil acts are not far behind." Author-to-author, what a moment it must have been when you penned those words. What part of Jim's heart do we see here?

Jim: This is one of the themes that runs through all my books. History shows us the truth behind this, and current events only continue to confirm it. I believe that the IDEAS we hold have enormous consequences for our lives and society. As God drifts away from us as a controlling idea, so does the restraint on evil that used to be in place.

Eva: Jim, would you pray for those who have been fooled by "spiritualist," and those wounded by the vicious acts of others?

Jim: Father, we ask in the name of Jesus for your protection against false claims and false gods. We pray especially for the young and vulnerable who are being led astray by those who teach lies. Raise up teachers of the truth who will be an influence on these lost lambs. Heal their spirits and cleanse their minds. And give us all boldness in standing for your Word. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Eva Marie Eversonis the author of Shadow of Dreams, Summon the Shadows, and the upcoming Shadows of Light (Barbour Books). She is an award-winning national speaker and can be contacted for comments or for speaking engagement bookings at PenNhnd@aol.com or you can go to www.evamarieeverson.com.