Cindy:  (continues) Life Is Full of Surprises and Perseverance Pays Off.

Eva Marie:  I shout “amen!” to all of these! How did you come up with them?

Cindy:  Like I mentioned earlier, I spent quite a bit of time in prayer and reflection in my late forties as I was looking back over my own life and looking ahead, determined to embrace and invest in only those things that truly matter. That helped me pare down to basics, which became these seven truths. There's nothing particularly earth shattering about them, in fact they seem quite ordinary, but I believe they bear repeating and lifting up to others so that we all can realize that we are given a chance at making life count for now and more importantly for eternity. None of us knows how much time we have and therefore none of us wants to waste it, right?

Eva Marie:  Who are you hoping will read this book and what are you hoping they'll obtain from it?

Cindy: I hope this book will be read by women (and sure, even men) who consider themselves in a time of life evaluation. For many of us this is midlife, but this book works well for younger women also who just want to get a head start on wisdom. I hope that the real life stories by real women who have chosen to fully commit their lives, their families and their professions to God, will spur others to embrace all that God has for them as well. I strongly believe that it is never too late to write the story of the rest of your life. So my message to everyone whether I'm speaking or writing is that Life is hard. God is good, all the time.

Eva Marie:  I would think it would be a great book to give to younger women … those in their late twenties or early thirties especially. That is such a difficult time, anyway … so many changes and we can use a little wisdom at that stage. I remember those women who were in their fifties who mentored me when I was younger and it meant everything. Sometimes the difference in holding it together and totally falling apart.

So, okay, be honest. Do you have a favorite story?

Cindy:  Actually I probably have at least one favorite story from each section of the book but I won't play favorites in this interview.

Eva Marie:  Ah … that’s very wise of you!

Cindy:  I will say that my own final story in the last section "Perspective" is one that literally changed my life and gave me a tremendous insight into God's sovereign purposes and how He works continually to orchestrate His will in the lives of His loved ones. This particular incident happened at a time I most need to hear from Him, and I rejoice that God spoke to me through a totally unexpected encounter with someone who shared with me a deathbed prayer twenty years before and how I was unwittingly the answer to that prayer. I'm still moved when I write this. But the truth is that God desires to speak to all of us in these sorts of ways and to confirm His will. Most of us just aren't listening or taking time to look for Him in our everyday encounters.

Eva Marie:  That is so true. (Smiles) Well, that does it, my friend. Thank you so much for being a part of my life, doing this interview, and for having the idea for this book in the first place! Good job!

Author and National Conference Speaker Lucinda Secrest McDowell presents contagious joy and hope through her humorous and profound "encouraging words that transform." In great demand as a speaker, Cindy has not only written for 50+ different magazines and collaborated on a dozen books, but she also authored five of her own: "Quilts From Heaven", "Amazed By Grace", "Women's Spiritual Passages", "A Southern-Style Christmas" , and "What We've Learned So Far" – earning Mt. Hermon's "Writer of the Year" award.

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