Eva Marie:  I think that your readers will find a lot of themselves within the pages of your book and, more than that, God's good graces and mercy over us when we act ... um ... shallow. Marita, thank you for taking the time to follow your gut and write/compile this book! Readers won't be sorry when they curl up with a copy!

Marita:  It is the kind of book you can read a little each day, catch a story while waiting somewhere or curl up with!

Eva Marie:  Hey, before we close ... wanna share with my readers what happened to that dream house of yours that "died?"

Marita:  Well, it was resurrected! I am now living it. Every day I thank God for the gift of my new house. I wrote up the story of the answered prayers -- two years worth of them for Allison [Bottke's] new "God Allows U-Turns Answered Prayers" book. I have the story posted on the personal web site: www.chuckandmarita.com.

Eva Marie:  Hey, girl. Get back to the franticness of your office. And, once again, thank you for taking time to chat with me about what I think is one of your funnest books!

Marita:  Thanks!

Eva Marie:  TTFN!

Marita:  TTFN!

Marita Littauer is the author of 13 books, including "But Lord, I Was Happy Shallow", "Your Spiritual Personality", "Journey to Jesus", "Love Extravagantly", "You've Got What It Takes", "Personality Puzzle" and "Talking So People Will Listen." Marita is the President of CLASServices Inc., an organization that provides resources, training, and promotion for speakers and authors. She is a gourmet cook and has a recipe column in The Godly Business Woman Magazine and is a regular contributor to the Christian Communicator and Writers Digest magazines.

Eva Marie Everson is the very busy author of fiction works like "Shadow of Dreams", "Summon the Shadows", and "Shadows of Light" and nonfiction works like "Intimate Encounters with God" and "Intimate Moments with God." To find out more about having Eva Marie come to speak to your group, please visit www.evamarieeverson.com.   Eva Marie and husband Dennis have been happily married for over 25 years.