Bruce: Yeah, it’s just beyond ... I liken it to a dad and a mom with a teenage kid. ...


Eva: (Laughing) Been there, done that. ...


Bruce: Yeah, well, I haven’t (Laughs, too.), but you can sit there and beg your child to make good choices, but ultimately they make their own choices. And there’s a consequence to that choice. A good parent does the same thing as God ... no controlling the choices.


Eva: The one thing He can’t control is our will.


Bruce: Exactly. And, you know, there is the enemy’s greatest trick ... when God gets blamed for what we do. But God won’t interfere. He has that much love for us ... that much respect for us. ...


Eva: You ask a question that many Jews in Jesus’ day surely asked and many Christians and Jews continue to ask today. What kind of person could this Jesus be?


Bruce: How do you nutshell that in a phrase? Jesus was human selflessness to the nth degree. Here’s a man who has all the resources in the universe and He does one thing with it every day: He gives it away. That’s shocking. That’s such shocking, contrary to human nature behavior. What a bar raised in front of people’s own self. It’s a shock to the human conscience. It would be like Bill Gates giving everything away and taking a job in a car wash. People would say, “What kind of a guy would make that kind of choice.” Multiply that a billion times and you’ve got Jesus. He’s the only guy that has any rights to everything and He’s the only guy who doesn’t assert His rights to anything. He’s so shocking! Even in the face of people spitting in His face, He smiles and says, “I love you.”


Eva: It always blew my mind is that the first words recorded from the cross were, “Father forgive them.”


Bruce: It’s beyond comprehension.


Eva: It is! So many times I hear people say, “I’m not apologizing first.” And, I think, but there hangs Jesus. ...


Bruce: And He just keeps giving. It’s so contrary to human nature. It must have just baffled them.


Eva: Wow! He must have been God!


Bruce: Yeah! Baffled the people.


Eva: Bruce, will you pray for those who are weeping.


Bruce: Lord, we thank you so much; we thank you for your heart. If there’s one thing people don’t know it’s your heart. They know your activities and all the clichés, but they don’t know your heart. Lord, as much as Eva Marie and I know ... we don’t even know anything. So, Lord God, we submit ourselves and others that they will know your heart, Lord God. People who are in pain ... the answer to that is your words, “come to me ... come to me.” We ask you Lord that by the goodness of your Holy Spirit you will draw all men to you ... that you will use every bit of pain, Lord God, that you would draw people to you, Lord God. We lay this article at your feet, that people in pain will find it ... and that people in pain will find you. We give you our lives, Lord God, that you would be glorified. In your precious, name, Jesus. Amen.


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