Patsy: Where from?

Eva Marie:  Just outside of Savannah, Georgia.
Patsy:  All right now ... one of those peaches.

Eva Marie: When I was reading those sections I thought your grandmother is the kind of person I'd like to be ...

Patsy: She was a fine lady.

Eva Marie: There's no place like the South and no people quite like Southern people.

Patsy: You got that right. When I go to glory I'm going to live in Southern Heaven.

Eva Marie: Oh, good! Then maybe we'll be neighbors! But no lima bean shelling!
That wouldn't be heaven!

Patsy:  It's a deal!

Eva Marie: We'll drink iced tea from Mason jars while sitting in front porch rockers, okay?

Patsy: It's a date!

Eva Marie: Okay ... okay ... enough about us and our eternal mansions. Patsy, what are you hoping people will gain from this book? What is your prayer for those who read it?

Patsy: For anyone who has thought "How could God use me?" I hope it gives them courage to press on. For those who are stuck I hope it helps them take the next step.
Eva Marie: So then what is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who feels they are trapped in a marriage ... or in a lifestyle ... or in their home ... or by their own mind?

Patsy:  That Jesus still sets prisoners free...that liberty takes time...and that all their hard work to become strong in the Lord will bring results. We are a microwave generation looking for quick easy solutions God's ways must be worked into the marrow of our bones.

Eva Marie: I believe that, too. Patsy would you say a special prayer for those who suffer as you once did?

Patsy:  Lord of our todays, our yesterdays, and all of our tomorrows, remind us of your sovereign care — help us to move past our fears by doing the hard work of trusting you. Thank you that you walk beside us and behind us and before us as well as within us and that you promise to never ever leave us. We trust your word. Amen

Eva Marie: Amen.

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