So let’s begin.

Down with clanging cymbals. Up with the basic mission of the church. It starts within the heart of every believer.


For further reflection:

1. “We’ve strayed from the essence that defines us. We’ve left the main thing long behind, while we strive forward.” Do you agree or disagree? Why?

2. What is agape love? What is its source, and where do we see it most clearly? How is it different from the love we normally practice or seek?

3. Why are there so many “how-to” Christian books but so few books on the importance of love in and through the church?

4. What did Jesus say should be the telltale sign that we are his people? What is the key verse for his command on this? How are you, or your church, doing in this area?

5. What is the heart of the gospel, its driving force or central truth? What does this mean to you personally?

The Cure
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