Standing in Need

Now, Hannah was a woman who knew her God.  She knew that her barren womb was not something her husband could do anything about, so she went straight to the source.  She poured out her soul to God.  God heard her and opened her womb.  She then gave that child up to God.  After that, God honored Hannah's sacrifice and gave her several more children.  That sounds simple enough, but it doesn't mean that Hannah didn't go through anything.  She, also, was married to a man with an additional wife who seems to have no trouble having children.  To make matters worse, this other wife provoked Hannah out of jealousy and sought to irritate her by teasing her about the fact that she was childless.  Poor Hannah would get so upset that she would weep and couldn't eat.  Couldn't eat!  I'm sorry, but nothing stops me from eating.  This woman, though, couldn't eat, and here her husband was truly in love with her, so much so that he gave her a double portion when they went to sacrifice before the Lord.  This was why Peninnah, the other wife, was picking at Hannah in the first place.  Though she had children, she knew she was playing second fiddle, and she wasn't about to allow Hannah to enjoy her most-loved position in peace.  Now, Hannah's insightful husband, Elkanah, asked Hannah a very interesting question here.  He said, "Don't I mean more to you than ten sons?"

That is deep!  Hannah had a classic case of "One-Tree-Itis," a disease that hits us all.  It causes us to overlook all the other trees from which we can eat of freely and instead long after the one tree we can't have.  Our desire for that one thing will cause us to stop eating.  We will stop eating life and all that it offers.  "One-Tree-It is" paralyzes us.  It shuts us down.  We cease to sample all our other options.  Hannah was not free to enjoy the gift that her husband truly loved her and would do anything to make her happy because she got stuck on her barrenness.  Keep in mind here that she had some help concentrating on this blaring fact.  Many of us would probably be alright if there weren't some friend or relative around to constantly rub salt in the wounds of our desires.  But when they speak, pointing out our lack, the heat is on.  The pressure is almost suffocating, and we feel we have to produce something just to silence the voices.  And God says to us all, "Don't I mean more to you than ten of those?  Don't you crave My purposes being fulfilled in your life more than that temporal thing that you so badly long for?"  What's your answer?

When Hannah had had enough of everyone and their opinions, she got serious with God.  She got so serious that she was praying and no sound was coming out.  Have you ever prayed until you were speechless?  Well, Hannah did.  And God heard the cry of her heart.  Not only did He Hear her, He had Eli, the high priest, tell her that her request had been granted.  And because Hannah's confidence was in God, not in her husband, she went her way with a smile on her face.  As a matter of fact, the first thing she did after that was to eat something.  When you get a word from God concerning the things that lay heavy on your heart, you'll get freed up to partake of all He has put before you to enjoy in the meantime.  Nothing affects a man like a woman with a downcast countenance.  He never knows what to do with the information that you are sad, especially if it is a situation he can do nothing about.  He will retreat out of his own sense of failure.  So get a word from the Lord in order to restore the joy level in your surroundings.  Hannah ate something, and her countenance wasn't downcast anymore.  She went and worshiped the Lord because she had a promise with which she could run.  She went back home, lay with her husband, and conceived.