You Are Called to Be a Leader

In various places and seasons of life, every one of us is called to lead—in our families, at the workplace, at church, and in the community—no matter how many people are following (or not following). In different ways and means, God commands us to step up and take responsibility, influence those around us for good, and transform the corner of planet earth where we live and work for His glory.4

The premise of this book is simple:  God made men to lead—and we’re not. Men are not assuming the responsible leadership roles God wants us to take. As a result, our faith remains underdeveloped, and we fail to impact our sphere of influence as God intended. However, when we do step up to the plate, take our God-given leadership assignment seriously, and lead in God’s way, seriously good things can happen—in every area of our lives and the world at large.

What might God do if you embrace your leadership mandate? For starters, He could restore intimacy with your wife and repair relationships with your children. He could use you to transform your workplace. He could make you a seen or unseen force that changes your church for God’s glory. He could use you to bring justice, fairness, and morality back to your community. He could cause your influence to discourage environmental abuse. He could use you to change the world.

And what might happen if you don’t take the call to leadership seriously? Well, just watch the evening news and you’ll get the picture.

You will find that the biblical leadership to which we men are called is not difficult or complicated. We don’t need an exceptional education or a Pattonesque personality to be a leader. There are just two basic things God calls us to d  First, He calls us to take responsibility for ourselves. Second, He calls us to nurture and develop the resources and people He has entrusted to our care. These are things any man can do, and every man has been called to do. In the chapters that follow you will learn sensible, practical, and biblical ways to do this in every area of your life.

It is our choice either to sit back and passively respond to the happenings of each day or take seriously God’s command to be His follower and a leader of those He has entrusted to our care.

May we choose well. A lot is at stake.

What God Does When Men Lead: The Power and Potential of Regular Guys; Copyright © 2008 by William Carr Peel.  Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188.