This handy dandy little paperback will take you just one sunny, by-the-pool afternoon to complete.  But the principles contained therein could last you a lifetime.  Author Deborah Smith Pegues, a certified public accountant and Bible teacher, takes a reader-friendly approach to the daunting, sometimes scary subject of money.  Each chapter deals with a different financial facet (debt, saving, recreation expenses, insurance, purchases, gift-giving, etc.) and is bathed in Scripture to support the author's points.  I found chapters such as "Cease Comparing", ""Pare Your Presents" and "Spend in Sync With Your Spouse" most interesting as they addressed topics I don't usually see in books about money matters.

Title:  "Live From Middle America:  Rants From a Red-State Comedian"
Author:  Brad Stine
Publisher:  Hudson Street Press

Passport?  Check.  Underwear?  Check.  Good book for vacation reading?  If you've got Brad Stine's "Live From Middle America" packed in your bags, then you can definitely say "check!"  The 200+ page volume is filled with 40 humorous rants, er chapters, about everything from double standards ("Why I'd Rather Be Fat Than Short") to discount mega-retailers ("Why Conservatives Love Wal-Mart [and Liberals Love the State of Taxes]) to the Hollywood minset and agenda ("The Michael Moore Effect on Voting").  "Live" is a perfect stop-and-start read that'll fit in nicely with whatever activities you have planned on your overseas vacation or road trip in the heartland of America.

Title:  "Blind Dates Can Be Murder"
Author:  Mindy Starns Clark
Publisher:  Harvest House

A little mystery, a little romance and a few household tips?  Look no further than Mindy Starns Clark's "Blind Dates Can Be Murder."  It's the second title in the "The Trouble With Tulip" series starring the "twenty-first century female MacGyver" and protagonist, Jo Tulip.  Written from the perspective of four characters' points of view, the story manages to weave in bits on online dating, a murder mystery, female friendships and communication between the sexes.  If anything, "Blind Dates" is a good reminder that God is always in control and can work all things together for His good – no matter how bizarre the circumstances!

Shawn McEvoy
Faith Editor

Title:  "House"
Author:  Frank Peretti & Ted Dekker
Publisher:  WestBow

This supernatural thriller is slated to become a motion picture in 2007, so now is the time to check it out before it hits the big screen. When two traveling couples find themselves stranded in the back woods of Alabama as dusk approaches, they find shelter in a nearby inn that from the outside looks well cared for and inviting. But appearances are deceiving. By nightfall, they’re locked inside with their thoughts and their pasts, trying to survive a murderous game they have no chance at winning. Is it too scary? Not once you understand what the book – though fiction – is really trying to say. …