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Christa Banister
The Fault in Our Stars is No Garden-Variety TearjerkerChrista Banister

As sad and heartbreaking as it all is, this unordinary romance explores love, mortality and the meaning of life in such a memorable way.

Christian Hamaker
Godzilla: Loud, Grim, and Doubly DimChristian Hamaker

Thematically and visually dark and characterized by joylessness, this reboot manages to take the popcorn out of summer blockbusters.

Susan  Ellingburg
Captain America Sequel Explores Themes of Ethics, TrustSusan Ellingburg

Old-fashioned good-vs.-evil fun, even if you aren't sure which side is which among the not-so-subtle real-world political parallels.

Christian Hamaker
God's Pocket Not the Most Pleasant Place to BeChristian Hamaker

Dark, and sometimes darkly amusing, but never quite comes together in a way that makes it an easy sell for potential viewers.


The View from the Cross - Daily in Christ 9/16

For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it (Matt. 16:25). 3 guidelines from these verses summarize the view from the cross, which we must adopt to counteract the self-centered worldview promoted by the god of this world.  Today's Devotional archives...

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