Additionally, the families interviewed in this documentary were very vocal about the void in churches where there could (and should) be ministries and support groups for such women. There is a need, there is pain. It is estimated that one fourth of the women inside of any given church have had an abortion. But because it’s such a controversial and taboo topic, many churches have shied away from offering specific support to them. Church: be that lifeline, Aborted Sun begs. Assign a leader to be on-call for women who need prayer and support in their grieving process. Offer memorial services to couples who lose children due to miscarriages to help them cope. Be that hospital for the broken.

The overarching message of Aborted Sun is that hope is available to everyone, God’s grace extends through every poor decision, and healing is possible. The “end” of many stories have yet to be written.

Aborted Sun shows many couples deciding to write “ends” to their painful stories. The couple shown in the documentary who had been struggling through their three miscarriages decided to plant three trees in honor of their children. That small act helped them find closure; it helped their relationship to heal. One woman wrote a letter to her baby. Another started a memorial to aborted babies everywhere, which is regularly visited by many women. 

This young woman said that God “Psalms 30:11,” and believes the same is possible for all women who call on the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

CAUTIONS: The people featured in this documentary discuss themes for mature audiences, such as death, murder, violence, war, abortion, hate, sex, and marital issues. 

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Publication date: August 15, 2012