DVD Release Date: October 16, 2013
Rating: NR
Genre: Documentary
Run Time: 59 minutes
Director: Chris Lang

Sometimes, slicing unexpectedly through the fog of daily life, the supernatural appears. Skeptics and doubters may abound, but sometimes logic, reason, and common sense just aren’t enough to explain away otherworldly occurrences.

Chris Lang of Lifestreams Media (When Mourning Breaks) seeks to “pull back a curtain” with his new film About Miracles, a movie that presents stories which reveal the “One who’s still in charge.” About Miracles takes a peek into four very different stories, and allows four individuals to share why they believe God has intervened into their lives in a powerful way.

Everyone has faith in something, right? But Brian, an immigrant seeking permanent citizenship in the United States, was beginning to lose faith that his family would ever make it through enough hoops to avoid deportation. Then one night when he was working at a convenient store, he saw Jesus in an unlikely place. His store was robbed and he was shot – left for dead. His miraculous story of survival and healing resulted not only in the strengthening of his family’s faith, but hope for a new home in the U.S. through unexpected avenues.

“The scar that remains on his neck will always help me remember that Jesus is alive,” Brian’s wife shares.

The second story told in About Miracles parallels Jacob wrestling with the Lord when he said, “I will not let you go until you bless me.” The young woman in this vignette had her heart set on overseas missions, but she was working a job selling Christians books door-to-door that rarely brought in much money, let alone enough to cover a trip to China. So she prayed, worked hard, trusted in God’s provision, and as the days went by, she started to see the blessings he provided for her. She and all her colleagues were floored by the miraculous events that followed her prayers.

The people in About Miracles were attuned to God’s spirit and leading. They are men and women sensitive to following the voice of God even when common sense says: It’s Impossible. They are families on the brink of doubt, depression, and even death whose eyes are opened to God’s mighty intervening hand in their lives.

However, watching these inspiring and hopeful vignettes got me wondering…do we ever reduce God to miracles? Of course miraculous, inexplicable events occur. Sometimes it’s hard to deny the hand of God at work. But when a news reporter said of Brian after he was shot, “God had to have been on the Clerk’s side, ‘cause it looks like he’s gonna make it” – what does that say about the many other gun-violence victims who die of similar wounds? Does that mean God is not on their side? If God heals those he loves…then why are so many left unhealed?

But About Miracles didn’t leave me with this incomplete version of God, a God who only demonstrates favor by miracles. The fourth and final story told in the documentary follows a man named Neville who was blinded as a child after sustaining severe injuries in a car accident. His parents prayed for restored vision, fasted over him, and even had Neville anointed several times. But God seemed silent in the face of their anguish, and Neville remained blind. He is still blind today.