Christian moviegoers have longed for films that embrace biblical themes, but the studios have exploited that desire more often than they've served it. Remember pseudo-spiritual dramas like the Kevin Costner film Dragonfly, or the underwhelming blockbuster Superman Returns and the few religious crumbs in its script? Even a film like The Book of Eli, which emphasizes the importance of the Bible, requires discretion on the part of Christian filmgoers, who must absorb a large dose of violence while taking in that film's more positive aspects.

Legion isn't in the same category as even the more suspect of those films. It doesn't just co-opt biblical ideas but turns them on their head. It's all rather perverse and best avoided.

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  • Language/Profanity:  Lots of foul language and profanity; several instance of the "f"-word; police officers use dehumanizing language to refer to citizens, and imagine a "good old boy barbecue"; an angry waitress refers to a customer as a "f-cking Jesus freak."
  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  A sarcastic, crude reference to "being double-teamed by meth heads," but nothing shown along those lines; a pregnant woman smokes and drinks, as do others, including a man who says he no longer drinks.
  • Sex/Nudity:  Low angle shot of young girl in a miniskirt and a reference to her "showing her a--"; an out-of-wedlock pregnancy and birth; the mother-to-be says she originally didn't want the baby and went to an abortion clinic, but didn't go through with it.
  • Violence/Crime:  An angel cuts off his wings and bleeds; a bare-chested, bleeding man stitches his wounds; guns are loaded, pointed at heads, fired at men and angels; possessed people thrash about, shape-shift and threaten humans verbally and physically; a woman rips flesh from a man's neck; a man's back is torn open and shown exposed; a father and young boy are attacked by possessed beings; explosions and property destruction.
  • Marriage:  A mention of Bob's ex-wife.
  • Religion:  A quote from Psalms 34:11 opens the movie; discussion of a woman who stopped quoting the Bible and who believe God gave up on humanity; a Bible believing man says, "Somebody's gotta start praying!"; God is said to have lost faith in man again; a man says, "I don't believe in God," and an angel says, "He doesn't believe in you either"; a woman's unborn child is said to be humanity's only hope, who will lead people out of darkness; men are said to kill each other over "words in old books"; an angel says that being spiritually lost means you're close to being found; Michael and Gabriel battle; a man hangs on an upside-down cross, with blisters and boils all over him and then bursts apart.