Even the multitude of DVD extras adds little to this would-be slacker film, which is an exercise in patience from beginning to end.  Aside from a few scenes that might make you smile—like Ferrell’s geeky grocery store cashier getting jealous—there’s nothing funny about this comedy at all.  In fact, The Wendell Baker Story shows how truly out of touch actors can become, once they hit the big time. 


  • Bonus Scenes
  • Afternoon at Luke’s with Harry Dean Stanton and Seymour Cassel
  • “Making Wendell Baker” – on location with the Wilsons
  • “Inside Wendell Baker” – a commentary from Luke and Andrew Wilson
  • The Wendell Baker Photo Album
  • Theatrical trailer and trailer gallery
  • More


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Characters drink and smoke throughout film.  
  • Language/Profanity:  Dozens of obscenities and profanities including crude jokes, innuendos and direct references about sex and body parts.
  • Sexual Content/Nudity:  Child urinates on the floor and a man’s pant leg, after which man is mistaken for a pedophile; lots of shots of a woman’s rear (in tight clothing); various references to the sex act and who has done what, when and how, including elderly men who pick up young girls (possibly underage) and tell them what they will do to them in bed, to which the girls respond with great interest.
  • Violence:  Police rough up suspects during an arrest; nurses physically and repeatedly abuse patients by pushing, shoving and kicking them as well as numerous instances of harsh verbal abuse; police arrest a man by surrounding his trailer with guns and taking him to prison.