Roma Downey may not be an angel, but she’s played one on TV.

Still recognized for her work as the heavenly being named “Monica” on the popular 1994-2003 television series, Touched by an Angel, the Irish actress has long been associated with these “messengers of God.” And her newest endeavor continues in that realm with stories she hopes will entertain, instruct and even uplift a smaller, yet quickly-growing audience.

Designed exclusively for preschool-aged children, Little Angels is an animated, educational DVD series, executive-produced by Downey, which introduces 3-to-5-year-olds to spiritual, moral and ethical principles of the Bible while also helping them learn practical life skills.

“For many years I had the privilege of playing an angel on television, bringing a message of God’s love to millions of Americans,” Downey shares. “As a mother, I have longed to be part of a project that would help bring that same message to children through the foundations of education. Little Angels does just that.”

Already awarded a Seal-of-Approval from MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), the first two DVDs in the series release from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on November 1, 2011. In both Little Angels ABC’s and Little Angels Animals, children meet two new friends—busy preschool twins Alex and Zoe—and the eight little angels who help them learn some important life skills through the telling of age-appropriate Bible stories.

By day, the angels are merely paintings in a mural on the ceiling of the children’s nursery in their home. But when Alex and Zoe need them most, the angels come to life and descend into their world and help make sense of the challenges facing the young children. Some of the angels do hearken back to biblical archangel counterparts, but all are characterized with their own personalities and responsibilities in order to help Alex and Zoe in learning different lessons in their growth process.

As the leader of the “eight little angels to shine God’s light,” Michael is supremely knowledgeable and has a commanding presence. Gabriel is the messenger angel and takes on the role of making announcements, while Dina is the angel of learning and carries a little iPad. Ariel protects with a small sword that can grow into a sword of flame, and Uriel carries a palette and paintbrush to aid in creating things. The angel of wild animals, Hayley teaches everyone their names and how to treat creatures with kindness, while Ham’s Sherlock Holmes’ type of cap and cape help identify him as the angel of logic. Rounding out the group, Charlie is the angel of harmony and brings everyone together with her harp and an accompanying song.