Well, you know I don’t really feel that there’s anything quite like this in the marketplace, and it’s teaching the kids almost on three levels. It’s teaching them these practical skills that they’re right at the age to learn. And so through repetition, which is how children learn, we’re teaching the alphabet. We’re teaching them to count. We’re teaching them to recognize and to name the animals. Level two is that we’re introducing them to beloved Bible stories, both Old Testament and New Testament, through this device that we’re able to leave the nursery and time-travel back into our Bible. And we know that as children are introduced to these stories at this age that the resonance will remain with them their whole lives.

And then the third level, I think, is just as parents that you would know that you could trust this show not just for content, not just for entertainment values, but that it supports the value system that you’re teaching at home because it’s encouraging children to be good citizens of the world with the skills that we’re going to need—what we call traditional Christian family values. And I know having raised my own family that you’re just so grateful when there’s a product that supports that because we all need all the help we can get. And as a working mother myself, I know that there were times where I was glad to sit my kids down in front of the DVD to buy myself time to deal with a phone call or paperwork that I had to take care of or a plumber emergency and so on. And how wonderful is it to know that if you’re going to be setting your child down anyway in front of the DVD wouldn’t you rather sit them down in front of something that you know is good—not just for their mind but good for their heart and their spiritual well-being. So I don’t think there’s anything quite like this, and it’s just turned out so well. But through www.littleangels.com you can check it out for yourself and see how beautiful it looks and what a quality product it is.

It sounds like this series can be more of a supplement to an educational/spiritual training system that families already have in place in their homes.

We’ve designed it to add value to your family. It’s not that it’s that long, but what I think it’s also going to allow is conversation with your child to use as a springboard into deeper conversation. Once the child has watched the DVD, it opens up an opportunity to discuss the various Bible stories to maybe in a fun way say, “Well, if you could go visit anybody else in the Bible who would you love to visit and what would you say to them if you met them.” Your child is never too young to begin the conversation of letting them know that God loves them and letting them know that Jesus cares for them. I think this just allows, in an age-appropriate way, an introduction to those conversations.

There are also some fun songs that can help plant good lessons and spiritual truths in little minds.

There are a few of the songs in the DVD, but we’re also offering Little Angels CDs with all kinds of fun and beautiful music—great music that kids sing along in the car with. And some of the lyrics are just deliciously goofy, and I think the kids are just going to get a kick out of it. And I defy you to hear a few of them and not to have them stuck in your head all day long.