That’s a great point. It seems that you all have really figured out how to get on a young child’s level and connect with them, especially with all of the imagination of Alex’s and Zoe’s nursery and then the catchy melodies that preschoolers really seem to love.

I know! All of us involved, starting with myself, have raised children. I only wish Little Angels had been around when my kids were small. I think I could have used all the help I could have gotten. But I am happy to say that on the musical CDs my own children are involved. And my oldest boy is a very fine musician, and he’s played guitar for me. And my daughter is a beautiful singer, and she has sung a couple of the tracks on there for me. So that makes it very meaningful that we were involved as a family.

How great!  A family making something together to help other families in a fun way.

I think it’s fun, but it has substance. I encourage people to go to where you’ll find Little Angels on Facebook, and I’m also on Twitter @RealRomaDowney if anyone wants to follow me, and I’ll be updating anyone about Little Angels there.


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