Drew's real-life father is a Presbyterian minister and her mother, a teacher. She says her relationship with her parents influenced her portrayal of the coach's daughter in "Radio." "It's interesting that I ended up being so involved in my parents' world because of being involved in school and church," she says. "As a result, one of the decisions we made about my character was that she was in cheerleading so she could be closer to her dad."

Last year, while the young actress was on location in South Carolina for the filming of "Radio," her husband Peter (an aspiring teacher) was a first-year graduate student at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut. She says he flew down every weekend to spend time with her on the set and had to be constantly reading and lugging around a suitcase full of books. "But we had decided that our marriage is the priority, and we need to spend time together, or we're not going to grow as a couple," she says.

Drew says before she even auditions for a part, she and her husband sit down with every script she gets and talk about it. They wrestle with the tough decisions and consider whether a film would involve any compromise of their faith. "We spend a lot of time praying about it," the actress says.

Although Drew admits the process is limiting to a degree, she feels it is worth it. "I really do desire to be an artist who honors God with my work," she says, adding that "the right jobs will come along. I absolutely believe that, and we've been totally blessed so far."

Drew's next project, a film called "The Shags," is based on another true story and is scheduled to begin filming in March. "I'm actually playing the lead in that movie, so I'm really excited," she says.

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