McGrath, who is principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University; Dr. Kent Weeks; Professor Kenneth Kitchen, the leading authority on Rameses; Sheikh Dr. M.A. Zaki Badawi, principal of the Muslim College in London, and Professor Israel Finkelstein, Tel Aviv University will debate science versus religion.

Delving into biblical aspects of the story will be Boston Globe’s journalist Charles Sennott, as he traces the historical path of Exodus. Sennott will try to pinpoint the specific events of Rameses’ reign, and compare the historical account to the Bible’s account, as he journeys to a host of sites: from the city of Pi-Rameses, the international capital of Rameses’ Egypt; to the rugged peak of Mt. Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments; to the Nile where plagues beset the Pharaoh; and to the Red Sea, where the waters were miraculously parted.


Along the way, Sennott will ask hard questions of the world’s leading experts on the ancient world to deepen our understanding of this epic biblical story. 


“Rameses:  Wrath Of God Or Man?” includes striking visual effects recreating key biblical events, including Rameses’ riding into battle with 600 chariots, the parting of the Red Sea, the striking down of the firstborn and Moses receiving the Ten Commandments. 

Driven by faith, science or a confluence of the two, this Discovery Channel special reveals how the discovery of a single skull could lead to new questions about our basic traditions. Will your flock be ready? Are you?



“Rameses:  Wrath Of God Or Man?” premieres Sunday, December 5, from 9-11 p.m. (ET/PT).