While it hasn’t always been easy, Verastegui says that structure has helped strengthen him during life’s more challenging seasons. “Like anything else, if you don't have a structure or an order, you can collapse very easily,” he shares. “My faith helped me to find true freedom in the middle of even the worst moments in my life. I learned how to be free and at peace.”

Staying True to the Cause

For Verastegui, For Greater Glory is also an object lesson in learning from the mistakes of the past—and not repeating them. While he grew up in Mexico, he didn’t know about the Cristero War. Since it had been such an embarrassment to the Mexican government, it was never taught about in school, and now that he does know about such a harrowing chapter in history, Verastegui has made it his mission to share this story with the world.

"We need to learn from history so we don't commit the same mistakes,” he shares. “And we need to show some of the heroes of Mexico who weren’t afraid to stand for something bigger than themselves—to the point where they gave their lives, even becoming martyrs for what they believed.”

Perhaps, the most compelling question that’s posed in For Greater Glory is what any believer would do in a similar situation. Would you be willing to die for your faith? Or would you hope the government officials would eventually see the error of their ways and change their minds sooner rather than later.

It’s certainly not the stuff of summer popcorn fare, and for Verastegui, the stakes in a story like For Greater Glory can’t help bring another game-changing film to mind, namely Schindler’s List.

“We need to be reminded of what we’re capable of, and of what happens to us when we don’t have God in the center of our lives—pure and simple.”

For Greater GloryRated R for war violence and some disturbing images, For Greater Glory, which also stars Eva Longoria (“Desperate Housewives”), Peter O’Toole (“The Tudors”and Nestor Carbonell (“LOST”), opens in theaters June 1, 2012. Click here for more information about For Greater Glory.