Q:  What made you decide to go to UNC-Chapel Hill?

A:  I wanted to go to a college with a great education as well as a great gymnastics program.  And, I got a full scholarship, which helped with my decision (laughs).

Q:  That’s a very competitive school.  You must have had really good grades, being from out of state.

A:  I had a 4.0.

Q:  I always find it interesting that the best athletes are almost always the best students as well.

A:  UNC has the highest GPA of any college gymnastics team.  If you slip even a little, our coach, Derek Galvin, will take you off the team until you get your grades back up.  I loved that about it – being the smartest team (laughs).  

Q:  How common are gymnastics scholarships?

A:  Not very – there just aren’t that many offered.  UNC only had one in state and one out-of-state. Other colleges have a little more, but it’s definitely very competitive.

Q:  You were a great gymnast and a great student.  How in the world did you find the time to do any acting?

A:  I was at the gym 4 hours a day, 6 days a week.  On Saturdays we had practices and competitions from January to May.  But summers growing up, I was a member of The Petite Players, a summer acting program for kids in Tallahassee.  I played a munchkin in “The Wizard of Oz” and Luisa in “The Sound of Music."  In college, I was finally able to focus on it, however.  My coach was very accommodating and wanted us to have a life outside of gymnastics.  You don’t really do gymnastics after college, so I did a lot of plays. I was part of an improv group where we performed.

Q:  So this is your first big role. 

A:  It was actually my first audition for a film.

Q:  How did you manage to get the part?  Through your agent?

A:  No – I got an agent afterwards.   An acquaintance from an acting class who was working for a casting agency asked around for my email address.  She told me I should come and audition for it.  I got so excited I went straight up to DC and auditioned.  Then I got called back and called back again.  They made a DVD and sent it out, and then I went out to LA and auditioned again.  Then I waited a really long time.  I was very fortunate to have the director’s email address.

Q:  So tell me about making the movie.

A:  Well, it was the best experience of my life.  I loved going in every single day.  It feels exactly like what you would think it would, if you were a star!  They would ask me what I wanted for breakfast, then I would go into the hair and makeup trailer and they would do my hair and makeup.  Then I would go into wardrobe and they would tell me what to wear (although I wore a leotard every single day).  Then we’d go down to the set, or you could wait until someone called you.

Q:  Were you down there every day?

A:  Every second!  I wanted to see everything that went on, all the time.  So you just waited until you did you scene.  I had no idea you did it from four different angles – from the back, the front, the side.  Now, when I watch a movie, I have so much respect for them.  I know what it took to get a shot.  A lot of my friends got to come and visit me on set, and they appreciate it now, too.