Unfortunately, the film is seriously marred by overt sexuality and crude language, which make it wholly inappropriate for kids.  It’s too bad, too, because it would be a great family film.  Instead, we hear numerous innuendos and crude references to sexual situations, see shots of women’s rear-ends and Bassett’s crotch.  We also see them both before and after they engage in premarital sex (including one funny scene of Mac walking around in a sheet), along with all the requisite sex talk.

But it’s the obscenities – at least one every few minutes – which really take the prize.  We might enjoy the joke about teaching a Japanese player to cuss ‘properly’ if Mac didn’t have such a potty mouth the rest of the time.  And it isn’t just locker room talk; it’s throughout the film.  Frankly, I think it perpetuates a stereotype about African Americans that is both wrong and offensive.

The end result is a movie that won’t win any awards but is nevertheless entertaining.  It’s just too bad the kids can’t come along.


  • Drugs/Alcohol Content:    Multiple scenes in bars & restaurants with drinking, including one character who appears drunk and a reference to a woman “drinking players under the table.”  Also, prominent alcohol placement ad with name of stadium repeated displayed as “Miller.”
  • Language/Profanity:  Chock-full of obscenities – too many to count – and a handful of profanities, as well as “joke” obscenities like a foreign player named Fukuda.
  • Sexual Content/Nudity:   multiple references to sex, sexual situations and innuendo (e.g. “best sex I’ve ever had,” “swinging a bat,” “getting it on” and groupies, among others), clothed crotch shot, shots of women’s clothed buttocks, extended premarital foreplay (including discussions of sex), one scene of premarital sex, partial female nudity and partial male nudity (in locker room and bedroom). Also multiple references to Viagra and its uses, with film ending on pseudo Viagra commercial (another placement ad).
  • Violence:   Mild – various pitches land directly in player’s crotches or other body parts; man drops beer bottle on floor, where it crashes; player throws trash can onto field