The dialogue is cute and often funny.  When Bullock, as the elderly Jewish woman in disguise, forgets that she is wheelchair-bound and stands up, Fuller tries to cover up and says, “You can walk!”  “Oh yes,” Bullock says.  “Praise Jesus!”  “Moses!” Fuller corrects her. We get a little more mockery of beauty pageant participants, when Cheryl says, “I learned a lot from my grandmother – specifically, how to kill a chicken.”  Even Fuller has some good lines, such as when she says, “Plenty of guys have broken up with me.  You just beat ‘em up and move on.”  Definitely the stuff of chick-flicks.

Because of the content, parents should weigh this one very carefully, and my recommendation would be to err on the side of caution.  On the other hand, adults, particularly women, will probably enjoy “Miss Congeniality 2” – even if it won’t be winning any awards.
AUDIENCE:  Adults only


  • Drugs/Alcohol Content:  Character drinks beer in one scene; various scenes in bars with smoking and drinking; sign on refrigerator reads “Just say no.”
  • Language/Profanity:  About half a dozen mild profanities (OMG) and less than a dozen mild obscenities.
  • Sexual Content/Nudity:  Character asks about her sexual performance with her boyfriend and says she can improve; reference to a “genital-shocking taser gun;” several reference to enemas; woman in disguise rearranges artificial breasts and various visual jokes about same; reference to PMS, cramps, period and tampons; women in skimpy costumes dance and prance onstage; various provocative shots of women’s derrieres in skimpy costumes as they tackle assailants; woman kicks man in groin and comments, “Hope you weren’t planning on reproducing!” A principal character, clearly a homosexual, makes ongoing sexual jokes and acts stereotypically homosexual, then dresses in drag as a showgirl with plunging neckline and fake breasts; extended scenes in drag club where all the men are dressed as women (including makeup, costumes and fake breasts).
  • Violence:  Various scenes in which FBI agents (often female) fight, sometimes roughly; man slams another man’s face against bar, leaving it bloody; men hold another man upside down over bridge and threaten his life; man holds gun to someone’s head, then cocks it; two women hold gun to man’s head; various scenes where FBI agents tackle suspects, including one woman; people are kidnapped, tied up, thrown into a back of a truck then held captive and forced to make a ransom video; kidnappers discuss killing their victims, then victim’s lives are threatened in a sinking boat; rescuers lives are threatened by drowning.