AUDIENCE:  Older teens and up

  • Language/Profanity: “S---”; “hell”; Lord’s name taken in vain; a singer on the soundtrack sings, “F--- me up/Scr-- all my friends”; Drew refers to another character as a “f---in’ jerk”; woman uses crude term to refer to male sex organ
  • Drugs/Alcohol: Drew and Claire drink while talking on the phone; wedding guests at Drew’s hotel drink heavily and engage in debauchery
  • Sex/Nudity: Claire takes a bubble bath, but only bare arms and legs are exposed; characters kiss, then are shown waking up in bed next to each other
  • Violence: Drew prepares to commit suicide but doesn’t follow through; a young boy vomits on an adult; a kid-vid tape grabs children’s attention by depicting the destruction of a home
  • Crime: Drew steals beer from a wedding party
  • Religion: Discussion of God is nearly absent – surprising and disappointing for a film dealing with death and mortality – although Claire mentions that she believes in a “Higher Spirit,” and the Baylor family says grace before mealtime. Drew says the world serves the “god” of success. Discussion of cremation and burial is dealt with strictly on a cultural level, but the final destination of the father’s body may be perceived as irreverent; a character says cooking and tap-dancing will be her “salvation”; Drew’s sister tells him to call her, saying “Just dial ‘hell’ – I’ll answer’”