Osmond:  Well, Marie and I decided to get the whole Donny and Marie routine back together. It’ll be the first time in 30 years that Marie and I have done a long stint in Vegas. We thought the timing just really feels good right now in the wake of her huge success in Dancing with the Stars. You know there’s going be a lot of dancing, and everyone knows that I’m a better dancer than Marie. (laughs) But it’s going to be good.

CW:  In Hollywood it’s rare for people to be married to the same person for so many years. What are your secrets to a successful marriage?

Osmond:  We kind of have a saying in our home that if my wife and I have an argument, then she’s right. That keeps a marriage together. We all know that women rule the planet.

CW:  With such a busy schedule, how do you find that family balance?

Osmond:  That’s the word, that’s the key:  balance. You have to find balance in all you do. It’s so easy to lose track of the important things in life and let show business and busy work get in the way. But you have to realize the most important thing in your life is your family. The curtain will come down eventually, and the show business thing is a roller coaster ride anyway. The thing that evens it out for me is a stable home life. You want to protect it as much as you can.

CW:  So that’s why it has to feel good to do a movie like you just did.

Osmond:  Absolutely. That’s why I did it. I mean, c’mon, I’m not an actor, I’m a singer. That’s pretty evident with my lack of acting skills. But it was fun to do this movie and a great opportunity to appeal to such a broad base. It’s interesting because when you look at it, the demographics that know who I am are parents, teenagers—even the little kids who saw me in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. They know me from different things. And by doing a movie like this, every age group has a memory of Donny Osmond specific to their generation. So I’m very fortunate in that respect.

Starring Donny Osmond, Martin Lawrence and Raven Symone, Walt Disney Pictures’ College Road Trip opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, March 7, 2008.  

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