Annabelle:  How do you make decisions about what roles Skyler plays?

Kelly:  A script about a 12-year-old prostitute came to us, but I let her read it.  Fortunately, Skyler had common sense and said, ‘No way,” which was what I was thinking.  In other people’s minds, if we had taken that role, they would have been saying, "Well, she did that role.  How much father can we get her to go?"  Also, sometimes she’s gone into auditions and she’s had swear words in the script, but she changes the words.

Skyler:  I’m like, "That’s not necessary.  I can change that.”

Annabelle:  And how do the casting directors respond to that?

Kelly:  They don’t like it, but she does it.  There comes a time when she’ll have to make a decision about that, but as long as the character changes or becomes a better person. … You still have to draw the line, though, and I know that will come.  But Skyler’s got a good foundation and a good head on her shoulders, and I don’t think she’ll look back and say that she should have done it [differently].

Annabelle:  You’ve been out here almost a year, yet Skyler hasn’t landed any roles.  Is that discouraging?

Skyler:  She’s done only one pilot since we came out there, but hopefully now that the film is out, that will help.  It takes a year or two to get your feet wet.  But it will happen in time.  I know for a fact that this is what she’s meant to do.

Starring Skyler Day, shot in Georgia and the Tennessee Valley and approved by the Dove Foundation, “The Adventures of Ociee Nash” is now available on DVD and home video from Fox Home Entertainment.  

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