Barry’s details are amazing.  The exterminator, for example, has a huge belly that jiggles – and continues to jiggle for a few seconds – whenever he moves.  His shoes and clothes are dirty, and he is unshaven.  We also see details in the arcade, such as the pinball machine where Squiggz likes to play, and in the desert, where characters see their reflections in a pool of water.

But it’s not only animation that Barry does well.  He truly gets these Bible stories, down to the smallest detail – like making the exterminator not just big, but uncouth, exactly like the Philistines.  His dialogue is good, too, with lines like “I love the smell of bug balm in the morning!” (from the exterminator) and “The Philistines obviously had first round draft pick.”  He references other cartoons, like “Little Red Riding Hood” and William Tell.  Even the smallest characters, like the lamb, are interesting.  “What’s thaaaaat?” he bleats.

Barry’s heart, which I know from a past interview, is full of love and appreciation for his Savior, and it shows throughout his work. God has blessed this man with amazing talent, and now he’s blessing us.  Fabulous.

“Slingshot Slugger”“Slingshot Slugger” is available on DVD for $14.98 and VHS $12.98.  For more information about all “The Roach Approach” films and products, visit

Fun Facts About Cockroaches:

  • Number of legs on a roach: 6
  • Number of miles roaches can run per hour:  3
  • How often roaches pass gas:  every 15 minutes
  • Number of knees on most roaches:  18
  • Number of minutes a roach can hold its breath:  40
  • Percentage of time roaches rest:  75
  • Number of species of roaches in the world:  5,000