Spurlock has created a fascinating documentary that is full of facts, moves quickly and is quite humorous. His message, that we should be better stewards of our bodies and not allow the prevailing, almost overwhelming culture (of eating fast and badly) to tempt us, connects with Christian values. There are a few profanities and obscenities, as well as some inappropriate sexual references (including a nude shot as Spurlock is examined, although his genitals are obscured), so it is not for children. It is, however, an excellent way for adults to learn about this booming industry.

Although I’m not a huge fan of fast food, I indulge occasionally. After seeing this movie, however, I intend to avoid fast food as much as possible. During my two-day drive, it took slightly more time and money to find healthier fare, but I felt so much better – unlike my husband, who suffered from indigestion for hours after indulging in a fried chicken sandwich and shake. That only served to underscore Spurlock’s claims – and my conviction to eat better.

A good movie should provoke discussion, and “Super Size Me” will do just that. It will also lead to some significant lifestyle changes for many Americans. So watch at your own risk – of renouncing French fries forever.


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