Another important message that the film alludes to is the problem of homelessness. We are given a glimpse into their lives, and we are asked to sympathize. Like Viktor, many homeless people have stumbled upon unfortunate circumstances that have left them at the mercy of administrators and bureaucrats, and without food or clothing. How can we, like those who came to Viktor’s aid, assist them in meaningful ways?

Parents will want to consider the subplot surrounding Amelia, who is having a long-term affair with a married man. The relationship is rightfully portrayed as disheartening and discouraging for Amelia, yet highly addictive – yet another good message. The language is mild and there is no nudity, although there are passing mentions of sex.

The excellent acting, directing, cinematography, set, story and strong moral overtones of this film work together to provide satisfying summer fare. “The Terminal” is a breath of fresh air which is greatly appreciated in the cinematic summer heat.



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