In addition to the contestant testimonies, another inspired segment of the show is the 10 minutes of "Bible study" each of the two teams squaring off in the finals are given to prepare. The teams go into separate rooms with a Bible and a whiteboard to brainstorm about the final topic (in this case, "Women in the Bible") before returning to the stage. We see them praying, flipping through passages, and devising strategies, which turns out to be much more interesting than it sounds.

The American Bible Challenge also plays smartly to today's internet generation, with nods to viral video and social networking (compare the show's "Faithbook" segment to something we put together at Crosswalk). If the producers can continue finding videos that work just as splendidly for their "Kids Sayeth the Cutest Things" segment, they'll truly have a winner of a game show indeed. 

So what doesn't work? Very little. The gospel-style American Bible Challenge Choir (yes, they're on stage, too) that sings us into and out of commercial breaks feels a bit like self-parody. I'll be surprised if the choir lasts as long as the show does. As for the rest of it? Well, if you haven't gotten the point yet that this is the ideal television show for the Crosswalk audience from all the parallels I've listed between our site and the show, I'm not sure how much more obvious I can be. It's family-friendly fun for charity, for biblical literacy, and Christian testimony, with humor and knowledge for all. What's not to like?

Want to get warmed up for the show's arrival? Check out our archive of Bible Quizzes and Bible Trivia! And stop back for our interview with Jeff Foxworthy posting August 22.

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Publication date: August 16, 2012