Bad:  There are a few scenes that revolve around the boys rebelling and doing "boys-will-be-boys" type pranks:  sneaking over to an all-girl's school then challenging the girls to skinny-dipping (the group gets caught by nuns as they begin taking off their clothes but nothing is shown), Bell introducing his innocent classmates to porn magazines and a couple of scenes that involve Bell disrupting Hundert's class and cheating.  I don't classify this as a "family film" because the PG-13 content is too mature for children and better for mature adolescents to pre-teens and adults.

Bottom Line:  The Emperor's Club is brilliant!  Kline gives a masterful performance that is truly Oscar-worthy in one of the best films this year!  Parents, this is a story that will resonate with your pre-teens, your teenagers and even your young twenty-somethings (as well as with you).  So make this an opportunity to take your adolescent or teenager to see this movie and discuss it with them afterwards.  Ask what he or she would do if faced with the same dilemmas and find out if they know a fellow classmate that behaves like Bell.  There are also some parent/child and teacher/student scenes that could lead to some interesting discussions.  So make it a priority to see this wonderful movie and support Hollywood when it delivers excellent entertainment!