Bad:  The only thing that was hard to take was watching these precious two kids being ridiculed and called bad names – especially little Mahana. Hearing her father tell her that she was ugly, lazy (which was untrue as she did all the work) and good for nothing was tough for me, but the ending redeems everything. The only other part I didn’t like is in the end when Mahana slaps Tama’s face. The act seems cruel and out of place at a time when she would be grateful, appreciative, loving the man who came back for her and by all reason would never do something like slap his face. I wish I could have consulted with the director and had him take that out, because I think that action is confusing for kids to understand when the story is at the peak of rejoicing over an engagement of marriage

Bottom Line:  Look for this film to open in your area and take all ages to see this precious and touching family -friendly story. It affirms faith in God who has a hand on our lives, hope in situations that seem hopeless and shows forgiveness and mercy given for people who seem like they don’t deserve it. This is a wonderful family film full of tender moments, exciting adventure and good old-fashioned values!