What would you say to people looking at their movie choices this weekend as they go into the theaters and say, “Oh, Winnie the Pooh is just for preschoolers. I’m not going to go see that.”

I’d say, “Shame on you!” No [chuckles] … Well, you know there’s going to be an element of that because unfortunately that’s what happened to Pooh in the subsequent years since the last Tigger Too which came out in the early ‘70s. And it is unfortunate because he’s more sophisticated than that in a very sweet, charming way. I would hope somebody would tell somebody like that “You’re wrong, it’s very funny and it’s a really good movie and you should go see it.” And I think based on the few audience screenings that I sat in with and comments I’ve read online—one of my favorites was someone that said, “I’m going to that movie and I’m nineteen years old, and I don’t care what my friends say.” But you know whether you’re 22, 52, 82 or 2, it should appeal. I think you’ll find something for all ages. And that’s what we try to do. We try to make these films entertaining for all ages.


Rated G and opening wide in theaters on Friday, July 15, 2011, Walt Disney Pictures' Winnie the Pooh features the voice talents of John Cleese, Jim Cummings, Craig Ferguson, Tom Kenny, Travis Oates, Bud Luckey, Jack Boulter, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Wyatt Hall and Huell Howser. Zooey Deschanel sings an updated version of the “Winnie the Pooh” theme song, as well as other songs throughout the film, while the score is by composer Henry Jackman.

Watch the official trailer for Winnie the Pooh here ...